Business Overview

Our business solutions within Aerospace Sector are broadly classified in two categories.

  • Design Engineering Support
  • Manufacturing Engineering Support
Besides our Engineering support to TIER 1 Industry, we are also in development stage of NISTARA, an unmanned Aerial system developed for Disaster Site Response.

Latest News
  • DQMS is awarded contract as a Technology Development Partner for E Scooter Development.
  • NTTF Launches PG DIPLOMA Program structured on our Disaster Response Vehicle.
  • DQMS begins Last Mile Connectivity Reverse Trike Development.
  • DRV Vehicle Program Kick off scheduled for November 2018.
Design Engineering Support

Over the years, we have participated and provided engineering design support to various programs such as Commercial, Cargo and Trainers for TIER 1 Industry. We have participated in various OEM programs such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna etc for their TIER 1 Supply Chain Businesses.

Our Design / Validation Capabilities Include

  • Structures – Metallic and Composite
  • Electrical Harness
  • Tooling and Fixtures
  • Aero Engines

Delivery Model

We provide flexible options to clients including Onsite Deployment of resources, Offshore Delivery Model or estabalishing a term based Extended Engineering Center Delivery Model for clients to participate and establish program control.

Shop Floor Engineering Products
Manufacturing Engineering Support

Our focus is mainly to support Shop Floor Engineering Products which are required to support Production, Assembly, Testing, Clean Room Facility, Commodity movement, Automated systems etc for structures and equipment manufacturers.

Automated systems, Production, Assembly, Tes' for Engineering Products

A Modern-day Aerospace shop floor requires several hundreds of such products including various Bushes, X Ray Fixtures, Production Tooling, Heat Guns, Core Comb, Mylar Templates, Thermal Enclosures, Lint Free Clothing etc. Our Manufacturing Engineering Specialists visit such shop floors and discuss the application requirements, Design the products and fabricate them and deliver it.