Business Overview

We position ourselves as an integrated services partner to Automotive OEM and TIER Industry for the scalability, business depth and the cost advantage business model that we present. Over the years we have exhibited the values of innovation, Problem solving, Time Sensitiveness, quality and the cost advantages to our clients which makes us a potential value chain partner.

Latest News
  • DQMS is awarded contract as a Technology Development Partner for E Scooter Development.
  • NTTF Launches PG DIPLOMA Program structured on our Disaster Response Vehicle.
  • DQMS begins Last Mile Connectivity Reverse Trike Development.
  • DRV Vehicle Program Kick off scheduled for November 2018.
Long Term Automotive Skill Development and Internship programs
Business Advantages


Automotive OEMs in the modern industry thrive to identify value chain partners who would help achieve a cost model that help them position a value for money transport solution in to the market. We at DQMS have built a very niche business model of developing and integrating subject matter resources who graduate through our long-term Automotive Skill Development and Internship programs. This helps us to get low cost subject matter specialization resources, when combined with our Lead experts, they deliver a high quality but cost-effective solution.

Multi-Cultural Experience

We have supported several OEM/TIER 1 programs across geographies in various aspects of Engineering Services Support and Engineering Development. Our multi-cultural experience is a certain advantage for our clients as the adaptability is a major driving factor when it comes to time bound deliveries.

Scalability and Services Portfolio

As a technology Integrated Business, we provide scalable solutions to our OEM/TIER clients beginning from Requirements Engineering, Vehicle Architecture, Ideation through Prototype Development. Our credentials in Mechanical, Electronics and Electrical systems design and development is a certain advantage for our clients. As a value proposition, We have built Supply chain Consortium to address design to build requirements in complex engineering requirements such as Harness Design and Development.

Case Study
  • Conceptual Design and Product Architecture Development of an Autonomous Loop Based Vehicle.
  • Design and Development of an Electric Scooter.
  • Development of Requirements Documentation and Vehicle Verification metrics of a Technology Transferred Ground Vehicle.
  • Study of Summer Trial Failure of Intercooling System and Re-engineering of the product.
  • Combat Vehicle Detailed Engineering Drawings Development from the Prototype Model of the vehicle.
  • Cabin Engineering Detailed Drawings Development of a Defense Vehicle.
  • Development of Dashboard Assembly Sheet Metal Tooling and Parts.
  • Cabin Assembly systems design for passenger car for a Spanish Client.
  • Prototype Conceptual Development of Plow Attachment Mechanism for Skid Steered Vehicle.